terms of service

1. Once donated, You will receive your item after doing (::redeem) in game. Notice: It "could" take up to 24hrs, to process the payment! If it has been more then 24hrs your money will be refunded. 2. Paid item will be added to players inventory upon typing ::redeem. 3. Paid item won't be refunded, if it was lost on death, due to a bug, or other reasons. Be careful with them. 4. Server staff do not take any responsibility's about lost items. 5. You have rights to contact server staff, if there was some trouble making or processing this donation. 6. We reserve the right to ban and remove items/donation rights at any time if there is a suspicion of rule breaking or fraud. 7. You agree to make this voluntary donation and not require to return it back. 8. Making this donation, you agree on all above points.

What can i do with redeems?

You can buy cool items from the redeem stores at home. You can also get a dice rank which makes you able to gamble and host gambling for other players!


Yes I do, I accept the following : PAYSAFE/SKRILL/BTC/RSGP and more just contact me in game!

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